How to Export Telegram Chat and Protects Lovely Memories

How to Export Telegram Chat and Protects Lovely Memories

Export Telegram chat cause to have your lovely conversations forever. By exporting chats, you will not lose your important messages. This article is designed by the bestsmmpanel website and provides you with all the information about export Telegram chat and different ways to exporting. So if you want to know more about export Telegram chat read this article to the end.

Telegram is not only a powerful messenger but also an important tool for expanding online businesses. In addition, it is an important reference for learning all kinds of training. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to save some of its chats to use it whenever needed.

You may use Telegram for your business. Naturally, the main focus of the relationship between you and your customers is chat. Information about buying products, customer satisfaction

In addition, Telegram is used to send messages, photos, videos, and even calls. But users who are members of this popular network have always been worried about what will happen to these important messages if a sudden problem will happen with Telegram and the app gets lost. If they have Telegram channels or groups, the problem will be bigger because maybe they need to buy real Telegram members to get enough members again.

There are many reasons to lose messages. For example, you may decide to delete your Telegram account, in which case the conversations you have in Telegram that are reminiscent of sweet memories of the past will certainly be lost.

Sometimes you want to delete all conversations at the end of the chat, but you should know that after deleting them, you will no longer have access to this information. So back up your chats before lose them.

The Exact Meaning Of Export Telegram Chat

The Exact Meaning Of Export Telegram Chat

Exporting means saving or backing up messages. This feature is available for all smartphones, and all Telegram members can export their favorite chats to a file without any worries. In the following, we will explain all the export methods for you so that from now on, before deleting important messages, you must first export them.

Amazing Ways To Export Telegram Messages

Exporting Telegram messenger conversations is only possible with the help of the Telegram desktop. But that does not mean that Android or iOS users can not save their chats. These users can first install a copy of Telegram on their desktop and then export their messages. Here’s how to export chats on a file.

Export Telegram Chat MAC

It is possible to support all private chats, group and channel chats, voice messages, photos, and videos with Telegram Desktop. But to know how to do this, follow these steps:

  • Download the desktop version of Telegram and log in
  • Refer to Telegram settings
  • Tap Advanced
  • Then select the Data and Storage option and tap Export Telegram data
  • At this stage, you will see a list that includes the title of the information in your Telegram. You must select the chat option to export the information
  • Tap the export option. Your job is done.

Export Telegram Chat To A PDF File

Android and iPhone users can use PDF format to back up their conversations. They must first update their Telegram desktop, and if they do not have access to the desktop version of Telegram, they can search and login to Telegram Web using one of the browsers. The continuation of the steps are as follows:

  • Enter this program and enter your contact number to be sent a confirmation code
  • Telegram chat page opens. You must select the chat that you want to save in PDF format
  • Then tap the three dots at the top of the screen and select PDF.
  • In this step, select the PDF file storage location and tap Done
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Export Telegram Chat To Excel

If you export Telegram chat on Excel, they will be available and readable always and everywhere. To know how to do this, first refer to your desktop Telegram and follow the steps based on the following statements:

  • Go to your Telegram settings
  • Find the Telegram chat data export option and tap on it
  • In this step, the chats are transferred to the JSON file
  • The next step is to transfer the information from the JSON file to the CSV file.
  • Chats stored in the CSV file can be implemented and readable in Excel.

Ikeymonitor Is A Powerful Tool For Exporting

This application is one of the most popular programs for backing up Telegram chats. iPhone and Android users can use this software. It can be said that exporting with the help of this program is much easier than other methods.

Just visit the iKeyMonitor website and register. After that, go to the export section and select the chat option. In this step, go to your Telegram and select the messages you want to back up. There are no restrictions on message selection and you can select all or some of them.

Export Telegram Chat To Whatsapp

By tapping on any Telegram message, the option to share the link is displayed. Click on it to be copied. Then implement the copied link in WhatsApp to display the chats. Also, after transferring the chats to the files that we mentioned above, you can import them to WhatsApp.

Export Telegram voice Message

The voice messages you receive in Telegram have two modes, one is music sent to you by someone or a voice call. The good news is that you can save both of these by tapping on them and choose the download option. Also, any Telegram voice can be forwarded to WhatsApp to be saved.

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Investigating The Importance Of Export Telegram Chat For Businesses

The importance of issuing Telegram chats depends on the type of users using this social network, but it is clear that it is more important for Telegram businesses. Because all the capital of these businesses is in their Telegram group or channel.

The type of communication they have with their customers is also textual and via chat. In these conversations, there is important information from customers, such as the number of calls and their addresses.

If their group is out of reach, the result of their years of effort will be lost and they will not be able to access their chats. Therefore, it is necessary to make a Telegram backup of all their important conversations, such as those related to customer information, so that their relationship with customers will maintain.
Golden Benefits Of Export Telegram Chat

Golden Benefits Of Export Telegram Chat

Exporting chats is especially important for some users. Here are some of the most important benefits of chatting:

  • Allows Telegram business owners to produce content with ease and enjoy trading in the app.
  • It allows users to delete their Telegram account without worries but has access to the text of their chats
  • Despite unpredictable events such as Telegram becoming unavailable, you can still access your chats
  • If you do not want a conversation to be displayed on your Telegram chat page, you can first export it and then remove it from your Telegram chat list.
  • Telegram has made it possible to export all types of data. So it is better to use this position. Because we all have conversations in this program that have become a precious memory for us, so it is better to try to preserve them.

In this article, we talked in detail about the various methods of export Telegram chat. If you are a user who cares about the content of your Telegram chats and you are looking for a way to export Telegram chat android, read this article to the end.

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