How To Hidden Chat In Telegram In The Best way?! – {100%Complete Guide}

How To Hidden Chat In Telegram In The Best way?!

If you have ever wondered is there a way to hide chats on Telegram, then make sure not to miss an article from the Bestsmmpanel website because we are about to tell you how to use the hidden chat in Telegram and everything you need to know about hidden feature of Telegram and hidden chat in Telegram that you were probably not aware of it. So keep reading!


Hidden Chat In Telegram To Ensure Your Security On Telegram!

Sometimes the number of chats of different Telegram groups becomes so numerous that we cannot find the main topics which are more of our interest among them. For this reason, the presence of these groups is not only useless during business hours, but will also cause congestion, downsizing of personal chats, and so on. With this in mind, we have come up with a solution to this problem.

You can hide chats that are not of your interest or for any other personal reason. Keep reading to see how to use the hidden chat in Telegram for having more privacy. There is a service that will help you increase your Telegram group chats and Telegram group post’s views which is called buy Telegram chats and buy Telegram views. So If you want to increase your Telegram group or channel engagement, you can use these services.

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How To Hide My Chat On Telegram?

There are two ways you can use to hidden chat in Telegram account, with archive, and without archive:


How To Hidden Chat In Telegram With Archive?

  • Step 1: Before continuing all the steps, be sure to have a registered Telegramno phone. Open the app and then go to the home screen.
  • Step 2: Swipe left on any contact you want to archive chat/conversation with.
  • Step 3: After archiving the contact, it will be hidden from the main conversation menu.
  • Step 4: You can find the “Archive” folder at the top of the contacts list. You can hide this by swiping left on the sheet.
  • Step 5: Refresh the main conversation menu to restore the “Archive” folder and see your archived chats.
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This is the easiest way you use the hidden chat in Telegram, but not the safest!

How To Hidden Chat In Telegram Without Archive?

The WorkMode feature is a hidden feature in the desktop version of Telegram that allows you to hide chats, channels, and groups in Telegram so that their presence does not clutter the list and makes you lose important and necessary chats.

By activating the WorkMode feature, all the groups and channels that you have mutated will be hidden from the chat list. Since the majority of users have turned all their channels to silent due to repeated messages, this feature can be used to hide chats, channels, and groups in Telegram and only access personal conversations.

To use this feature, all you have to do is to use Telegram Desktop, enter the settings after making sure that the typing language is English. After the settings page appears, you need to type the word WorkMode without any prefix or suffix, without adding anything. If you want to know how to export Telegram chat, click here.

How To Hide Chat In Telegram With Archive?

After doing this, a window will appear asking you if you want to enable WorkMode, which you must enable by selecting Ok. After doing so, an option called “Hide Muted Chats’ will be added to the top of the chat list, by clicking on it, you can hide groups or channels in a fraction of a second to access personal conversations more easily and faster.

Now you might be wondering how to see hidden chat in Telegram, well we should say that whenever you need them back, just click on the same option again to hide the mutated channels and groups.

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There is no need to deactivate WorkMode since you can view silent chats by clicking “Show All Chats” again; however, if you want to disable it, just go back to the settings page and type WorkMode. This time a message will be displayed in Telegram regarding the deactivation of hidden chat in Telegram, which you can deactivate by selecting Ok.


Use Telegram Secret Chat & There Will Be No Trace Of Your Information!

Most likely, you have ever wanted to have a secure private chat with another Telegram account that, for example, images and messages sent between you and the other person remain in the same chat place, will not be stored to the cloud, and cannot be published. In this case, you can buy Telegram account.

If you are looking for such a thing in Telegram, stay with us because we want to talk about a feature named Telegram Secret Chat and show you how to set up a secret chat in Telegram, as well as the various features of this section.

Using Secret Chat on Telegram, you can start a confidential conversation with another person. In the following part you can see the capabilities of this amazing feature:


Set Time To Delete Your Information

Secret Chat has a unique feature which is the set self-destruct timer option which means you can set an expiration date to delete the messages exchanged between you and the other person manually or automatically.

You can use this for the content sent both by yourself and from the other person and set a time to delete that content for both of you. After this time is up, any content, including images, videos, music and voice, and even typed text, will be deleted for both you and the other person.

You can set the timer for deleting messages in the secret chat by touching the name of the account and then in the opened window by touching the self-destruct timer option and change the time.

Hidden Chat In Telegram and its use

High Security Of Hidden Chat In Telegram

You cannot take a screenshot of the Secret Chat screen, and if you do, Telegram will give you a message about the privacy of this section. If you try to take a screenshot of that secret Chat, it would be exposed to the other person and Telegram will send a message for both of you telling that one of you has taken a screenshot!

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Another security point is that the content posted in Secret Chat cannot be forwarded so there will be no abuse of your information!

Secret chat is not available on Telegram Desktop at the moment, maybe in the future, this feature will be enabled for this version of Telegram as well. It is also not available for groups and you can only have a secret chat on Telegram at the same time with just one person.


Start A Secret Chat On Telegram In A Few Steps!
Here are some steps to hidden chat in Telegram:

  • Step one: Run the Telegram application.
  • Step two: Touch the three-line icon in the top left corner.
  • Step three: Select “New Secret Chat”.
  • Step four: Select the user you want from your contacts list.

This creates a Secret Chat window on Telegram. You have to wait for the user you want to go online and be able to chat with each other.

Final Note About Hidden Chat In Telegram

Messaging apps like Telegram have become very popular these days. We can hardly imagine our lifestyle without any of them. WhatsApp and Telegram are among the market leaders in such messaging platforms. One of the most amazing features that Telegram offers is the ability to hide chats in Telegram without deleting them while WhatsApp does not support this feature yet.

Hiding chats in Telegram is not a difficult task. If you also use Telegram and do not know how to use the hidden chat in Telegram, here in this tutorial we have provided what you need to do. We hope you enjoy reading this article about hidden chat on Telegram and use our tips to improve your security on this popular social media.

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