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In this video i’ll show you how to download and save Instagram story highlights cover full size in high quality including videos and photos, You might want to download highlights from an Instagram account but your don’t know how to do it because the stories can be only viewed for 10 seconds or so.
So downloading highlights in full size can be tricky and specially for videos because for photos you can just take a screenshot of them but they won’t be high quality, So in order to download Instagram story highlights we will use a website that will let you view them and save them to your device and it works on both Android and IOS.

Site :

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Ndanenu Victory

I don't usually comment but I just have to..

Thank you for making everything easy ..
It worked

Grzesław -

He uploads fake videos and deletes comments

AT07 Mohd Faizal

It doesnt work if the account is private hm

Bailey Page

worked Great! super easy to use and so quick! thank you for the recommendation

Grzesław -

It doesn't work, the profile pictures of the highlights do not show up to download and if I open in new tab the resolution of pic is still 150×150




Doesn't work with highlights

Afghan Jalebi

It works, thank you

Mario Quispe Rojas

friend I want to download the image of the featured story and it does not appear, is it an error?

Mohamed Abdirizak

thnka soo much

Sleepy chris

thank youuu this helped me

Bryan Gold

The site is SO full of ads it is impossible to use. Can you say click bait?


can this download entire things in highlight as one video?

Zehra Parmak

thank you so much

Korrie Payne

Thank you so much!

Szymon P

what if its a private instagram account

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