7 Unique Ways to Use Instagram Guide for Business & Personal Aims

Everything you should know about Instagram Guide and its benefits

The Instagram guide is the latest feature of this popular social network. The purpose of launching an Instagram guide is to gather content related to a topic together it works like buy targeted Instagram followers. The unveiling of this attractive feature made Instagram far superior to its competitors.

Instagram is the best social network for posting pictures. But this popular application has other features such as sending messages and is the best place to expand Internet businesses, and every once in a while with the unveiling of a new feature, it surprises millions of users.

In the last year, a dangerous virus has spread throughout the world. With the spread of Corona disease, the virtual business industry suffered greatly. Instagram, meanwhile, was able to introduce a new feature called the Instagram Guide.

One of the best uses of this emerging feature is professional page content categorization, which allows you to categorize the posts on each page and create a help section for quick access to any content so that Instagram contacts can find the post they want without wasting time.

This feature makes it easy for users who want to use content to find it. In general, the Instagram guide can have tremendous benefits that increase page engagement. Stay tuned for the rest of this article to learn more about this amazing feature.

In this article, you will learn how to make a guide on Instagram and what is Instagram guides. Join the bestsmmpanel website for more information.

Instagram Guide Definition In Simple Language

Instagram Guide Definition In Simple Language

The Instagram guide is the newest feature provided by Instagram that makes users create a beautiful appearance for their page. It also provides quick and easy access to the posts on each page.

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If we want to have a simpler definition of this feature, we can say the guide makes it possible for posts and multiple posts with different topics to be easily categorized, and It also allows you to place posts with educational content, product introductions, etc. in their related categories.

Different Types of Instagram Categories

As we said, the Instagram guide provides the ability to categorize posts into three sections: places, products, and posts. In the following, we will give a brief explanation about each of them.

  • Place option:

In the place section, you can select posts that have the same location and adding them to the same category.

  • Product option:

The product section is for Instagram businesses to easily categorize their products. By doing this, customers can easily visit different products and find the product they want quickly and easily.

  • Post option:

And the last part, the post, allows you to categorize your posts based on textual, visual, and video content, or whatever criteria you want.

How To Make A Guide On Instagram 2021

Finding and how to use the Instagram guide is very easy and you can easily access it through the following steps:

  • First, you need to make sure your Instagram is up to date
  • Then log in to your Instagram and go to your profile
  • Tap the + sign In this step, several options are displayed at the bottom of the screen
  • From the available options, you have to click on the Instagram guide
  • You will then be taken to the Choose Photos & Videos page where you have to select related posts
  • Then click the Next option
  • In this step, you can select a cover for each category of posts. Also, write the desired title using the Add Title section
  • In the section what is the guide about, you can write a brief explanation and explain what the subject of this category is, and finally tap on the share option.
    How To Make A Guide On Instagram 2021
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Amazing Benefit About Instagram Guide

You may ask, what is the use of the Instagram guide and why should we use it? it should be said that all the features that Instagram offers are very useful, but only if the user is creative and makes optimal use of them. Here are some of the most important uses for a guide:

  • Users can categorize their posts in a new and attractive way.
  • Posting categories make the page more attractive.
  • In addition to writing captions below each post, you can also write general text to categorize the same topics.
  • Ability to share in the story, encourage followers to see your page posts, and increase the engagement rate.
  • Your followers and other users can quickly find the content they want from a variety of posts and even very old posts by visiting the guide section of your page.
  • Business pages can categorize their products regularly with easy access by creating a guide, especially from the Products section.

Special Instagram Guide Feature For Businesses

If you have a business, be sure to use the Instagram guide. Imagine a user intends to buy a product, posts on your page are not categorized and the user has to send you a message to receive information about each product and wait for a response.

But another page that offers products like yours has categorized all its posts by using the Instagram guide and has also written information about them. As a result, the user does not wait for a response to purchase.

Now tell us which page does the user buys from? Make his purchase from the page where the products are categorized.

Instagram businesses can increase their user satisfaction many times if they learn to use this guide well. Because with the help of this feature, they can categorize all their products and write a description about them.

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Instagram guide saves both customers and business owners’ time. Because the user who wants to buy quickly finds the right product from the guide categories and reads the information about it. Business owners no longer need to provide product descriptions to each user individually.
Special Instagram Guide Feature For Businesses

Guide Feature Is An Exceptional Opportunity To Grow

It is safe to say that this special surprise, which was unveiled in 2021, is one of the best features of Instagram. Unfortunately, many users are still unfamiliar with it and do not know how to use it.

For those of you who are reading this article and are familiar with this application, there is a good opportunity to multiply the growth of your Instagram business with the help of the information you have obtained. It is enough to post your posts regularly for a while. Arrange to enjoy the wonderful results.

Why Can’t I Create A Guide On Instagram?

This new and exciting application may not be enabled for many users. This is because the new features of Instagram are not activated for everyone at the same time. Because at the beginning of the unveiling of each of its new features, Instagram first tests it and activates it as a test for some users.

Then, according to the results and the feedback it receives from users, it gradually provides the use of this feature for more people. So if the guide feature is not activated for you yet, you have to wait until the time comes.

In this article, we explained in detail all the necessary information about the Instagram guide and how to create a guide on Instagram which is a new feature and very easy to use. This feature could open a new window for online businesses and influencers to thrive. If you need more information about Instagram, you can contact our experts.

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