Jeffrey Epstein Is Still Ruining Lives From The Afterlife (The Plutonium Show #11)-Bestsmmpanel

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Kale Z

They divorced to protect half of their Wealth as Bill is exposed. Given


Marriage varies from country to country. In the UK, if you are not married or in a Civil Partnership, then the rights are not there. 'Common law' spouse is not recognised. Re names, the Spanish have an interesting method, in that a couple marrying choose a name from both sides, so if both have double barrelled as is usually the case, they combine one from each. Something that complicates matters, is that children are often named after the parents, generation after generation..Go to a family party and call out 'Teresa!' for example and 75% of the females will probably look in your direction!

My Fat Cat Elliott

Hey guys….45 is not freaking old!


I think you guys should watch the movie Nymphomaniac from Lars von Trier, it would give you a better understanding about sex addiction. But yes, people surely, especially famous people, use it as a scapegoat.

Christine Anderson

Very interesting to listen to. Thank you!

Kerry Dobson

Really enjoying the show, I'm 51 BTW and find the topics you discuss engaging… regarding the sex addition point, I think it can be the thrill of new sexual partners, the thrill of the chase that can be so enticing to people, not speaking from experience, but have been told this by way of an explanation from cheating partners…


Sex before marriage is called ‘fornication,’ (is that the term you were looking for)? Very interesting episode guys. Was good to hear your points of view.

Saskia Schmitt

Sorry for the omission of punctuation and other mistakes. Hopefully you get the gist. You’re very sweet together and I think your big hearts will keep you together through the bumpy bits.


Great episode! I think you are opening my mind with the range of topics you cover. Thanks for that.
Any chance you could do a short video on the documents from the most recent judge ruling in Virginia JD vs AH?

Walkerbo Belf

I believe that Bill also had a 19-year affair that recently came to light.

As for marriage, it will always be a thing as a public declaration of love, with an added party and lots of gifts.
In my case we did not live together until we were married, so for us, it was a totally new experience, it was still the greatest day of my life, (and probably the silliest decision my wife ever made, :-J ), and we are still happily married more than 28 years later.
I tried to get her to keep her surname as that is who I fell in love with, but she insisted, she even refused a hyphenated surname.

I was always an old person stuck in a young persons body, I am just now reaching an age that better aligns with my internal view.

Sylvia Schaal

In France you do not have the same rights if you are not married… You have more fiscal advantages if you get married..

Arnella Hobler

As an atheist, I see marriage as a romantic thing. I really dislike the wedding industry as a whole, and instead of a huge expensive venue, my husband and I had a sweet little gathering in his family's garden. I wore a second-hand dress and he rented his suit, but it was still the most magical day that we'll always cherish. It's what you make it. All the rest – sure, it's just a contract. But looking back at the wedding photos/video footage a few years later might help keep the spark alive as you go through the stress and struggles of everyday life together. Just my two cents 🙂

Agy Lena

You’re not quite right there… If someone has an eating disorder they often will preferentially eat certain types of foods. Some people binge on sweets, some on pizza, ice cream etc. Some will specifically seek out very specific foods like chocolate with hazelnuts or something. Much like certain foods are triggering and will lead you into a binge if you have them (so you avoid them). Some people with binge eating disorder will eat anything whilst in the middle of an episode but I’d say usually people have preferred foods they binge on. And they won’t eat just one of the same and be satisfied. You’d get all manner of chocolate with nuts. Some will have a range of different foods but they will be foods deemed as “forbidden”.

Evelyn Adams

Infidelity is the other word, adultery is meant as extra-marital affairs, infidelity is cheating when in relationship, but don't have to be married. Just thought I'd put this here. Thanks for a great episode, again!

Donna Poskitt

Hi pluto and Zac, I love the soundtrack! Great show.never been married, but if I were to get married, it would be a small spiritual affair. I see it as bonding. But it is becoming out dated. My parents divorced, 2 9f my sisters divorced, my other sister been together with her partner for 32 yrs-unmarried. I guess what I'm trying to say us it's a personal thing. See you soon and thanks ✌


This may be an oversimplification in regards to sex addiction. A lot of the times when you have that specific condition/addiction, it’s a direct correlation to impulse control being inhibited and the people that actually have it will destroy relationships of all kinds to feed the need. While not as directly harmful, it creates emotional fracturing among friends/families for needing to obtain that physical/emotional/chemical need at all costs. I think the movie Shame shows it really well.

Ok Write

I think that you need to look at the jurisdiction that you live in marriage confers a lot of rights in some jurisdictions that merely living together does not provide.

Eirin M. Towne

I think we need ceremonies and celebrations. All known cultures have at least four rituals: birth, becoming adult, partnership and death. The third one should be as important as the others. I so long for the ritual celebration of my marriage to the love of my life, so far postponed since September 2019 for different reasons. The legal stuff is just a requirement by the bureaucracy, but it just doesn't FEEL like we're properly married until our famous d friends can come together to mark the occasion!

Tricia Montgomery

I think that marriage really adds something to the relationship, but it's hard to say what exactly. Certainly not reliability and security – you should not get married if this is not in the relationship. Rather, it is a unity, it is the idea that 2 people become one unit, a team, as Zac said. I think it's worth getting married when you stopped thinking about how it will change the relationship, stopped hoping or be afraid of these changes. It took me 3 years to come to a state where I was sure that I didn't need marriage to feel better in a relationship with my partner. I realized that I do not need to improve anything, everything is fine. And that's when we got married.


Thank you for a great podcast. I just have one question: How do we know it was a "happy marriage"? People stay together for many, many years even when the marriage isn't "happy" for many reasons either known and/or unknown to themselves. When people stay together for that many years it is because they choose to do so, not because they are "in love" for all those years. Some people may be, but that is rare, I think.

Binka O

In Sweden afaik the default is always for the child to get the mothers name. If she has changed it and taken the fathers name it would be the fathers name, but the child will get whatever name the mother has.

Westie Wear Dog Kilts

Ooh also you didn't explain the dress, felt like Zac wasn't quite matching your style as you often both match.

Westie Wear Dog Kilts

Oh GOODNESS, I have so much to say on this, but it would be an essay and I don't have the time, lol. Let me just say three things. 1. that these days without the stigma in THIS society (cos other cultures are all different) of being unmarried and being able to live together I think that if people decide to marry it's a stronger commitment than it used to be when it was expected, 2. when I got married I chose to take my hubby's surname (cos it was shorter than mine, cos I liked the tradition and cos it made me feel safe/secure/as one. My sisters were FURIOUS with me as they had kept the family name. BTW I'm the only one in my fam still on my original marriage and 3. Don't you still have to go through all the legals and stress if you are de-facto and decide to split after several years? I mean isn't it almost as brutal as divorce? I'm truly curious not just poking the bear.

Elvira Feher

Kids of divorce parents also face the same stigma, of being less than valuable than kids who's parents are still married. I have faced that in my teens years and 20's. I was horrified to learn that is still a stigma in 2017. I must add that this is a European thing for some cultures.

Kris M

47:53 But was his wife "available"?

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