6 Telegram Hidden Tips that You Didn’t Know!

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Telegram can be considered as one of the big competitors of WhatsApp in the world. WhatsApp has been growing steadily since 2013, adding features such as video calls to its system, but Telegram has features that simply cannot be ignored. If you are a Telegram user, it is better to know Telegram hidden tricks that can definitely enhance your ability to use Telegram. So read bestsmmpanel website article.

In addition to all the useful features of Telegram, there are features in it that are either so advanced that no one pays attention to them or the users of this application have not been informed about them as they should. There are other features that are hidden to the point that many users are unaware of them. In this article, we will introduce you to a variety of hidden Telegram tricks and show you how to buy Telegram members. So keep reading!


Update Your Telegram & Enjoy Using Hidden Tricks

Keep in mind that in order to use Telegram hidden tricks, you must use the latest published version of Telegram. Therefore, if you are still using the old versions of Telegram, update it to use the new Telegram hidden settings and an advanced security level.

6 Telegram Hidden Tips that You Didn’t Know!

Here are some of the Telegram hidden features:


Telegram Hidden Status

The online status of Telegram is generally private, but it is a matter of taste. Some people like others to see their online status and some people don’t. Telegram hidden mode will display your online status as “Last Seen Recently”, which means you are online, but others can’t see it! All these things are for Telegram X too.

Reason For Activating Telegram Hidden Status

  • Having a busy schedule and lack of time
  • You do not want strangers to see your online status on Telegram
  • It is possible to track people’s online status and create problems
  • Checking specialized and news channels
  • Having a private chat with someone you want
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In the next part, we want to teach you how to hide your online status in Telegram. If you are a Telegram user, be sure to read this article because it might come in handy someday.


How To Activate Telegram Hidden Status?

  1. Enter your Telegram settings and select the “Privacy and Security” option.
  2. Select “Last Seen”.
  3. In the “Who can see your Last Seen time” section, you will see the following three options:
  • Everybody: Your Telegram online status is displayed to everyone.
  • My Contacts: Your online status is displayed only to your contacts and not to strangers whose number you do not have.
  • Nobody: Your online status is not displayed to anyone.
  1. In the “Always Share With” section, you can select exceptions, those who want them to be aware of your online status. If you do not have a specific person in mind, skip this step.

Before hiding your online status in Telegram, you should know that if you hide your online status in Telegram, you will not be able to see the online status of others anymore. Note that this mode can only be set in Mobile Telegram and you cannot change your online status in Telegram Desktop.

Telegram Hidden Contact / Phone Number

Telegram Hidden Contact / Phone Number

One of the interesting tricks of Telegram is to hide the phone number. Some people use it and the reason is that they like to remain anonymous. This is one of the features of Telegram that pays attention to the privacy of its users and the reason why this social media has so much popularity among users.

As you know, when you register in Telegram, you have to enter your phone number, and after the first login to Telegram, all the people who have your phone number in their contact list will be informed of your presence on Telegram. Many users are willing to hide their phone numbers. Before using this trick, make sure to update your Telegram to the latest version and follow this tutorial with us.

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To hide your phone number on Telegram, enter the Telegram settings, then touch the “Phone Number” option in the “Privacy and Security” section.

In this step where you can choose who can see your phone number, you are faced with three options:

  • Everybody = If you select this option, all users, whether contacts or strangers, will see your profile number.
  • My Contacts = Only people on your contact list can see your number.
  • Nobody = No users, whether friend or stranger, can see your number.

Telegram Hidden Chats

You may have asked yourself “how can I hide chats on Telegram messenger” or “is there a way to see Telegram hidden chats”. Well, we are here to tell you yes! You can use the Telegram Secret Chat feature to chat privately and delete your information so that the messages exchanged will not be visible to you and also the recipient. You can see the benefits of using Telegram Secret Chat in the following part!

There Will Be No Trace Of Your Information

Private chat refers to classified messages in Telegram, where messages are encrypted and no longer stored in the cloud. For this reason, if your Telegram is used on another mobile phone, private messages or Secret Chat will not be visible. This feature also prevents hackers from accessing your information.

Expiration Date For Information

Using the self-destruct option in the Secret Chat, you can select the desired time for your information to be destroyed, so that after this time, the chat and its contents will be automatically deleted for both parties, and this assures you that your audience cannot misuse your messages.

No Screenshots!

You cannot document your messages. Even if you take a screenshot, Telegram will send a message to the recipient that you have taken a screenshot from the secret chat page. This message is displayed for both you and your audience.

No Forwarding!

If you use Secret Chat, the parties will not be able to forward messages and information.

Of course, keep in mind that you can use Secret Chat to chat with only one user at the same time and not more. Also, this feature is not available in Telegram Desktop yet.

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Telegram Hidden Groups

Telegram Hidden Groups

Can Telegram groups be hidden? How can I find a secret group on Telegram? If you have questions like this in your mind, then this trick is for you!

There are times when your phone is in the public eye and you for any reason do not want other people to see the group you are a member of, fortunately in these cases, there is no need to worry, and easily with a few clicks you can hide your Telegram groups and protect your privacy.

The WorkMode feature hides all the Telegram groups you have muted from your chat list. Of course, you can return your Telegram hidden groups to your chat list again.

To enable this feature, you need to use the desktop version of Telegram Messenger. First, enter the settings and type “WorkMode”. After doing this, a window will appear asking you if you want to enable WorkMode, which you must enable by selecting Ok.

After enabling this feature, “Hide Muted Chats” options will be added to the top of your chat list. By choosing this option, you can remove all silent groups from your chat list. To view all these hidden groups, just click on the “Show All Chats” option.

To disable WorkMode, just enter Telegram settings as in the activation steps and type WorkMode, then in the answer to the question “Disable WorkMode” select Ok.

Users who are members of many groups in Telegram can use this feature of the desktop version of Telegram to hide their groups and organize their chat lists.

Final Note About Telegram Hidden

Telegram is known as a more secure messaging app than WhatsApp. This application has innovative and useful features that not everyone is aware of. We have tried to provide you with a list of tips and tricks to help you make the most of this popular messenger. We hope you have enjoyed reading this tutorial!

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