The Effects of 5G Radiation within the Cardiovascular and Defense Systems

5G radiation is radio waves of high frequency that operate in the wireless network. This radiation is directional and extremely powerful and could result in severe injury, especially when exposed to it for extended durations. This kind of radiation is especially harmful especially to kids, as they are especially vulnerable to the effects. This article describes the consequences of the 5G radiation on cardiovascular and immune systems.

Radio waves with high-frequency 5G frequencies

To deliver 5G applications, the wireless network require high-frequency 5G radio signals. The frequencies are up for auction and will be accessible to network operators soon. The first auction of 5G spectrum was held on March 16 and will continue until 2020. The auction for 5G frequencies is expected to yield $81.2 billion.

BestSmmPanel The Effects of 5G Radiation within the Cardiovascular and Defense Systems 0010 emf intro 145The 5G network will offer peak data rates that are 20 gigabits/second (GB/s) downstream and 10GB/s for uplink. These rates are standardized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

Long-term exposure

While the health effects of radiation from 5G technology are undetermined, some experts believe that it could trigger some negative unwanted side consequences. It is the World Health Organization, which strives to safeguard the health of the entire world, claims that radiowave exposure at low levels to 5G technology may not affect the immune system, but further studies are needed to understand the health risks that are associated with long-term exposure.

A study conducted by National Toxicology Program (NTP) showed the radiation exposure of radiofrequency can cause heart tumors in lab animals. Another study from the Ramzzini Institute found similar results. In 2011, The International Agency for Research on Cancer classified cell phone radiation as a possible carcinogen, based on epidemiological findings. Additionally, a variety of epidemiological studies conducted on humans have revealed an increased risk of glioma that is associated with the use of cell phones.

Influence on the immune system

The use of the 5G technology for wireless is of major problem for today’s people. While it offers greater speeds, it has also linked to cancer. There’s also some concerns regarding the impact to the emf body shield‘s immune system. Some experts say it is necessary to conduct more studies to determine the long-term impact of this technology on the immune system.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the triangular epidemiology of infectious diseases is composed of an agent, the host, and the environment. Environmental elements include air quality, population density and electromagnetic radiation. The use of 5G technology could create COVID-19 that could have serious consequences.

impact on the cardiovascular system

The effect of 5G radiation in the cardiovascular system has become a hot subject within the medical world. While there isn’t a clear consensus on the impact that 5G radioactive radiation has on health, there is growing evidence of the fact that this technology could pose dangers to health. Different research studies have found certain risks linked to 5G exposure , and also have given recommendations to reduce exposure.

The use of 5G signals will allow more people to connect to the internet at the same time. These signals are expected to be less distant so they’ll need to be located closer than the person using them. There have been numerous studies suggesting increased cancer risks related to radiation from 5G, however they are not confirmed by the World Health Organization has not verified any specific health risk related to this technology.

Impact on the peripheral nervous system

Scientists are beginning to understand the health risks of radiation from mobile phones. These frequencies, which range from 450 to 6000 millimeters, have been proven to have an impact on female and male fertility, and are believed to cause negative effects on the growth of embryos. The potential harm from these frequencies is one of the biggest concerns regarding human health. Furthermore, epidemiological studies have found statistically significant increases in brain tumors and peripheral nerve tumors in heavy cell-phone users.

The wireless technology currently in use creates radiofrequency exposures that can pose an extremely health risk for animals, humans, and the natural environment. Certain scientists are calling for a halt to the 5G rollout until more study on the health consequences is completed.

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