Why You Need Telegram for Business – Schedule Messages with Publer-Bestsmmpanel

Telegram is a free, popular, and intuitive messaging app that’s available for use to everyone. Its main focus is privacy and efficient communication between people for personal use or business-wise, whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise.

It was about time! Due to the large number of people who have suggested Telegram messaging for business as an option from Publer, we’re now officially supporting both Channels and Groups!

0:23 Add Telegram Channel to Publer
2:32 Edit Settings for each Telegram Channel you add to Publer
3:01 Add Telegram Group to Publer
4:30 Create and Preview Telegram Messages on Publer
7:01 Use HTML tags to create Telegram Messages
10:33 Difference between Channels and Groups

How to connect Telegram accounts:

Scheduling methods on Publer:

Style Telegram text with HTML tags:

Learn more here:


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Binod Kumar

very nice ji.

Head Shorts

Is there any limit for scheduling YouTube video in free account?

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